Rename a File

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
Anyone can rename Files in their Drafts
Editors and Admins can rename Files in a Team

By default, we name new Files as Untitled. You can change this to something that better explains what you're working on.

File names don't need to be unique. As we Search on File names, unique names do make it easier when it comes to finding the correct File.

I want to rename a File:

File Browser

You can update the File name from anywhere the File appears in the File Browser.

  1. Right-click on the File to open the File menu.
  2. Select Rename from the options.


You can also update the File name in the File itself.

  1. Click on an empty spot in the Canvas to deselect and layers.
  2. Figma will display the Project and File Name in the toolbar
  3. Click on the File name to rename it. The name on the File will now be editable. Enter a new name in the field.
  4. Click outside of the File name - or press Enter - to apply your changes.
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