Request to Join a Closed Team in an Organization

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on the Figma Organization Plan
✅Members can Request to Join a Closed Team
❌Guests must be invited to Closed Teams

The Organization Page allows you to browse and discover Teams in your Organization.

You can join Teams based on their Org Access level. You will need to Request to join a Closed Team.

A Team Admin will need to approve your request, before we can add you to the Team.

Note: A Team Member can also choose to invite you to a Closed Team. They will set your Permissions as part of the invitation process.

  1. Open the Organization Page in the File Browser
  2. Find the Team you would like to join.
  3. Click the Request to join button:
  4. Choose whether you'd like Can View or Can Edit access.
  5. Add any notes in the field provided and click Request Access.
  6. We will send a notification to every Team Admin. They can then to Approve or Reject your request.
  7. We will add you to Team once an Admin has approved your request.

Don't need access anymore? Click the Cancel Request button next to the Team.

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