Find and Duplicate Files from the Community

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
✅Anyone can view a Profile and File listing
✅Everyone with a Figma Account can Duplicate Community Files to their Account

Community Files can be any Figma File the creator chose to share with the Community.

File creators can share Files and Plugins with the Figma Community. They can do this by publishing them to their public Profile. This feature is currently in beta. Publishing Files is only available to members of the Figma Community beta.

Every Profile has a unique Figma URL. You can share your link to share your Profile with others. Or to view visit another person's Profile and any Files and/or Plugins they've shared.

Understand Copyright and Licensing

We publish Files with an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This isn't a public domain license.

This means that you are free to Share and Adapt these Files, but you must give credit to the original creator.

Learn more about using and distributing Files in our Figma Community Guidelines Figma Community Guidelines.

View Profiles and Files

The only way to access a File published to the Community, is through the creator's Profile.

Every Public Profile has a @handle. This handles makes up their unique Figma URL e.g.

You can use this URL to view a person's public Profile. You won't have to be a part of their Team, or Organization, to view their Profile.

At the top of the Profile you can view their Name, Avatar, and Cover Artwork.

On the right side, you can view some basic information. This includes their Name, Location, Website, and Description.

In the main body of the Profile, you can view any Files and Plugins they have shared with the Community. You can identify Plugins via the Plugin Icon - the rest are Files.

View a File

Click on the File to view the File Listing.

  1. View File Name, Organization and Downloads
  2. View a Preview of the File
  3. Expand the preview to view in full screen
  4. Zoom in or out
  5. View the Publisher (Name and Organization, if applicable)
  6. A description of the File and its potential uses
  7. Support Contact for the Publisher
  8. Links to Share the File Listing

Duplicate a Community File

To add a File to your account, you can duplicate it. You won't have access to the original File's Version History, Comments, or Permissions. The duplicate will be a completely new File.

Note: If the File publisher publishes any changes to the File, we won't apply these changes to your copy. To access any changes, duplicate the new iteration of the File.

  1. Open the creator's Public Profile.
  2. Click on the File preview to open the File listing.
  3. Click the Duplicate button to add a copy to your Account.
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