View a Member's Work at your Organization

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on the  Figma Organization Plan
✅Organization Members and Admins
❌This feature is not yet available to anyone outside of a Figma Organization.

Every Organization Member has an internal profile that allows members of the Organization to see what they're working on.

Members can only see Files and Teams that they have access to. We won't show them Files in your Drafts folder, or Files within Secret or Closed Teams - unless you have shared them with them.

Your Organization tab has your:

  • Name and Profile Picture
  • Description
  • Teams you are a member of
  • Published Files and Plugins
  • Recent Projects
  • Recent File Contributions with Edits and Comments

    We'll include the File Thumbnail, Name, Project and Last Activity.

I want to:

Looking for your Public Profile? Check out our Update your Community Profile article.

View your own Work Activity

You can preview your internal profile from your Account Page.

  1. Open the File Browser
  2. Click on your name and profile picture in the top-left corner to open your Account Page
  3. Select the Organization tab

You'll be able to see all the Files that you are working on here, including Files in your Drafts.

Other collaborators will only be able to view Files they have access to. They typically won't see your Drafts, unless you've shared them.

Other members won't see Files from Closed or Secret Teams, unless they are also a member of those Teams.

View another Member's Work

Want to view another Organization Member's work? You can view their internal Profile from within the Organization.

You will only be able to view activity relating to Files you have access to. You won't be able to see:

  • Any Files from their Drafts. Unless they invited you to the File(s).
  • Any Files from Closed or Secret Teams. Unless you are also a Member of that Team.

You can access a Member's internal Profile by clicking their Profile Picture in any of the following places:

  • The Contributors section of a Project Page
  • Team Member preview on the Team Page
  • Member preview on an Organization Page
  • On a File a Member is active on (anywhere in the File Browser)
  • On a File a Member is active on (in the Editor)

You can also view their internal profile via URL. They will need to share this with you, by copying it from the browser address bar.

Note: You won't be able to view an internal profile from the full Member Tab within the Team Page or the Admin Console for an Organization.

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