Pin a File to a Project

Who can use this feature?

✅Users in Starter, Student, Professional or Figma Organization Plans
✅Anyone with Editor access can Pin a File to the Project

You can pin important Files and current work in progress to the top of your Project Page.

This makes it easy to find and access those Files. You could use this in many creative ways:

  • Quickly access Files without needing to search through all Files in the Project
  • Show collaborators where to start with a Project
  • Find key Files and information related to that Project
  • Highlight current work that's ready for review
  • Feature templates, design systems, or UI kits

We pin a square thumbnail with the File's name and the collaborator who pinned it.

Note: It's not possible to adjust how we display pinned Files, or change the order they appear in.

Pin a Project

  1. Open the Project Page in the File Space
  2. Find the File you want to Pin. Right-click on the File and choose Pin to Project

  3. We'll add the File to the Pinned section at the top of the Page.

Want to remove a Pinned File? Right-click on the File and select Remove from Pinned. You can do this from the Pinned location, or the File itself.

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