Discover Community Files and Plugins

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
✅Everyone with a Figma Account can register a Profile

Everyone with a Figma Account can register a Profile. You can only have one Profile per account.

Community Profiles showcase your contributions to the Figma Community. Specifically, any Plugins or Files you've published publicly to Figma.

You can choose which Files to publish to your Profile. These could be templates, wireframe or UI kits, and asset libraries. Or even portfolios, presentations, and other design tools or resources.

Publishing Files to your Profile is currently in beta. Only members of the Figma Community beta can publish Files.

Organization Admins can publish Files to an Organization's Profile. They can also contribute to their own public Profile from their Personal accounts.

View Public Profiles

Every Public Profile has a @handle. This handles makes up their unique Figma URL e.g.

You can use this URL to view a community member's Public Profile. You won't have to be a part of their Team, or Organization, to view their Profile.

Every Profile will have:

  1. Unique URL and Handle e.g.
  2. Profile Picture
  3. Cover Artwork
  4. Your Account Name
  5. Location (e.g. San Francisco or San Francisco, California)
  6. Website (e.g. your Dribbble profile, professional website, LinkedIn or portfolio)
  7. A Description about yourself
  8. List of Published Plugins and Files

    🔗Browse, Install and Run Plugins 
    🔗Duplicate Files from the Figma Community

Tip! We recommend you set or Update your Profile Handle in your Account Settings. This makes it easier for you to share your profile with others!

Preview your Profile

You can preview your Profile from your Figma Account. This allows you to check out what other Figma community members will see, when they view your Profile.

  1. Open the File Browser.
  2. Click on your name in the top-left corner to open your Account.
  3. Select the Public tab to view the contents of your profile.

Every Profile will have a unique Handle. This forms part of the URL you can use to share your Profile. Set your Profile Handle in your Account Settings.

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