[Beta] Update your Public Profile

Who can use this feature?

Profiles are currently in Beta! 

✅Publishers with approved  Plugins can reserve a Profile Handle 
✅Members of the Figma Community beta can reserve a Profile Handle
✅You can join the Figma Community beta on any Figma plan

Your Public Profile showcases your contributions — any Plugins and Files — to the Figma Community.

You can also add some extra information to your Profile to introduce yourself to the community.

Note: You can only have one (1) Profile per Figma account. In an Organization, you can contribute to the Organization Profile. You can also contribute to your own profile from your Personal Space. We recommend you claim a handle for your personal Figma account.

Choose your Profile Handle

Every Profile comes with a unique Handle and URL e.g.  https://figma.com/@handle . Your handle can have up to 15 alphanumeric characters, or an underscore "_".

You can set or update your Profile Handle in your Account Settings. We recommend you claim a handle for your Personal Figma account.

  1. Click on your name in the top-left corner of the File Browser
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab
  3. Under the Profile Handle, click the Change profile handle link.
  4. Enter your desired handle in the field provided. You can use up to 15 alphanumeric characters, or an underscore "_".
  5. We'll check to see if the handle is still available.
    • If it is available, the button will turn blue.
    • If it is not available, we'll let you know that you'll need to pick another handle.
  6. Click the Submit button to confirm.

Create or update your Profile

We will generate the content of your Profile from any Plugins or Files you've published. You can update the rest of it while you are previewing your Profile.

  1. Click the edit icon to upload a Cover Photo. You can select a photo from your computer.
  2. Update your Name and Profile Picture
  3. Add your Location
  4. Click in the field to add Website. This could be a personal website, or your profile on another website.
  5. Click to Add or Edit your Description

Want to remove a Plugin from your Profile? You will need to unpublish it: Make Plugins for the Figma Community

Publishing Files is currently in Beta. If you're member of the Figma Community beta, you can learn more here: [BETA] Publish a File to your Profile.

Preview your Profile

You can preview your Profile from your Figma Account. This allows you to check out what other Figma community members will see, when they view your Profile.

  1. Open the File Browser
  2. Click on your name and profile picture in the top-left corner
  3. Select the Public tab.
  4. You can then view the contents of your profile:
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