View your Organization Page

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on an Organization Plan
✅Only Organization Admins can make changes to an Organization's Settings

Figma Organization has everything you need to scale design with confidence.

Every Figma Organization has an Organization Page. This is where you can view an overview of your Organization. You can:

  • View your Organization name and description
  • Discover, join, and create Teams
  • View your Organization's public community Profile
  • View Members of your Organization
  • Manage your Organization's administration

The Organization Page consists of three tabs:

Organization Overview

This is the Organization's home page. We'll take you to this page when you click on your Organization name in the File Browser.

  • On the right you can View the Organization Name, Description and Members
  • In the body of the page you can Discover Teams in the Organization

Note: If you are a Guest of the Organization, you will only have access to Teams you have been invited to. We'll show a message on the Organization Page to let you know.

View the Organization Name, Description and Members

On the right side of the Page you can view:

  1. Organization Name

    Want to change your Organization name? Reach out to your Figma Organization Account Manager.

  2. Description of the Organization

    Add a description of your Organization. You can use this to communicate your Organization's mission, or how to get started in Figma.

    • You can add URLs to your Team Description. We turn these into clickable links.
    • You can mention individual members by adding their @handle. We will turn these into links that take you to their profile.
  3. Members

    We'll show the most active contributors at the top. Click the total Member count to open the full Members list in the Admin Console.

Discover Teams in the Organization

You can browse through a list of Teams within the Organization. A Team's  Org Access defines how you can discover or join Teams.

We have a tile for every Open and Closed Team. This shows:

  1. Team Name and Icon
  2. Description of the Team's purpose
  3. The Profile Pictures of the most active Team members
  4. The total number of Members
  5. Join / Request / Leave button

I want to:

Want to join a Secret team? A Team member will need to invite you to the Secret Team.

Community Profile

Click the Profile tab in the Toolbar. This allows you to view the Organization's Community Profile.

Community Profiles showcases your contributions to the Figma Community. Specifically, any Files or Plugins.

Every Profile will have:

  1. Unique URL and Handle
  2. Profile Picture
  3. Cover Photo
  4. Organization Name
  5. Location
  6. Website (Personal or Professional)
  7. Description
  8. List of Published Plugins and Files

Only Organization Admins can update an Organization's Profile. They can also publish both Files and Plugins to the Organization's Profile


Navigating to the Settings tab will open the Admin Console. The Admin Console allows you to view and manage every aspect of the Organization.

Note: Organization Admins will be able to access the entire Admin Console. Regular Members of the Organization will be able to view the General, Teams and Members tabs.

The Admin Console consists of seven (7) tabs:

  1. General...
  2. Teams...
  3. Members...
  4. Libraries...
  5. Shared Fonts...
  6. Billing...
  7. Plugins...

Learn more about the Admin Console in our Manage your Organization article.

Tip! Click the x in the top-right of the Admin Console to return to the Organization Page.

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