Add Two-Factor Authentication to your Account

Who can use this feature?

✅Anyone with a Figma Account
StarterStudent or Professional Figma Plans
❌Not supported on Figma Organization plans
❌Not supported via Google SSO

You can use Two-Factor Authentication if you signed up for Figma with your email address and password.

You cannot use Two-Factor Authentication if you signed up via Google SSO or are part of a Figma Organization.

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account.

When enabled, you will need to confirm your identity via your chosen method, every time you log in to Figma.

You can choose to authenticate your account via:

Enable Two-Factor

From your Account Settings:

  1. Find the Password section.
  2. Click the Enable two-factor authentication link
  3. We'll need to confirm your identity. Enter your password in the field provided and click Continue
  4. You'll need to install your desired authenticator. Click on the links provided for instructions from the authenticator:
  5. Once installed, click Continue.
  6. We'll display a unique barcode on screen. Use your authenticator app to scan the barcode.
  7. Your authenticator app will generate a six digit code. Enter the code in the field provided and click Verify.
  8. We'll display a success message. You can then click Continue to recovery codes to receive your recovery code(s).
  9. We'll display a list of recovery codes on screen. We recommend saving a copy of these somewhere safe. e.g. in a password manager or encrypted file storage.

Note: You can disable Two-Factor by clicking the Disable link in your Account Settings. You will need to confirm your password before we can disable Two-Factor.

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