Update your Email Address or Password

Who can use this feature?

✅Anyone with a Figma Account
✅Users on any Figma Plan
❌Organization Members with SAML SSO enabled.

You can sign up for Figma in a couple of different ways. Your sign up route will determine what changes you can make to the login details.

I signed up via:

  1. Email Address and Unique Password
  2. Gmail Account (Google SSO)

Log in to Figma with your company email address and password? Your Organization's SAML SSO provider will manage your login details. You will need to contact your Organization Admin to update your display name or email there.

Email Address and Password

You can update both your  Email Address and Password **in your Account Settings.

Email Address

  1. Navigate to your Account Settings.
  2. Click the Change email link underneath your Email Address.


  1. Navigate to your Account Settings.
  2. Click the Change password link to reset your password
  3. Figma will prompt you to enter your old password
  4. Enter your new password
  5. Click Save to apply

Google SSO

When you sign up for Figma via Google SSO, your Email Address and Password will be Managed by Google.

You won't be able to update your  Email Address or Password in Figma.

You have two options:

Reset your Password with Google

If you want to change your Email or Password for your Google account, you can do this in your Google Account:

Remove Google SSO from your Account

If you'd like to disconnect your account from Google SSO, then you can do this by resetting your password:

  1. Log out of your Figma account. Click on the account switcher in the bottom-left corner and select Log out
  2. Head back to the Figma website and click the Log In button.
  3. Click the Forgot Password? link
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to request a password reset email
  5. Click the link in your password reset email. Figma will prompt you to enter a new password.
  6. You can now log into your account using your email address and your new password. You can also update your email address and password in Figma.
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