Files in Figma

Who can use this feature?

✅Users in Starter, Student, Professional or Figma Organization Plans
✅Anyone can create Files in their Drafts
✅Only Editors and Admins can create Files in Teams

Files are what we call documents in Figma.

Files provide the Canvas where you can arrange your layers and objects to create designs.

You can also use Files to build and animate realistic Prototypes. Or, handoff your designs to developers and engineers.

File Structure

There are five levels of File structure and organization within Figma. You can use these elements to create a system that works for you.

  1. Organization (Figma Organization only)
  2. Teams
  3. Projects
  4. Files
  5. Pages

Files are where most of the design and collaboration process takes place. They provide the Canvas where you can:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Wireframe basic interfaces
  • Create Hi-Fidelity mock ups
  • Build Prototypes
  • Create Presentations

You can Create a New File in your Drafts folder, or within Team Project.

Every File has a corresponding Presentation View. You can use this to preview designs, present slides or test out Prototypes.

You can collaborate with others - in the same file - at the same time. We call this designing in Multiplayer.

We'll keep track your sessions in a browsable Version History. You can then view, save, share and restore File versions.

You can also create as many Pages as you need within a File. Pages give you even more space to explore.

File Permissions

Want to share your Files and collaborate with others? You can share your Figma Files and Projects, as soon as you're ready to collaborate.

You can invite others to Files in your Drafts or Team Projects.

You can choose how collaborators can interact with your File using Permissions.

Team Members will be able to interact with any Team Files based on their Team Permissions.

You can give a Team member access to a File that's different permissions than their Team access. Or, invite someone from outside of the Team to a specific File.

Click the Share button from the Toolbar in the File to open the Sharing Modal.

From here you can:

  1. Invite Collaborators to a File
  2. Share Files with others using Link Sharing
  3. Transfer Ownership of a File
  4. Adjust Permissions on a File
  5. Remove a Collaborator from a File
  6. Prevent Viewers from Copying or Sharing Files

File Format

We store Files in Figma, in our own File Format: .fig

This File format is specific to Figma and cannot be opened by any other tool.

You can save Files in .fig format when you want to export, back up or move your Files between Figma accounts.

If you want to export your design to other tools, we recommend that you copy and paste the Frames. Or, export SVGs and import them into other tools.

Learn more in our Copy Assets between Design Tools article.

We also support imports of .sketch Files. Learn more in our Import Sketch Files article.

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