Create a New Project

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
✅You can only create Projects in Teams
Editors, Admins or Team Owners can create Projects

Projects allow you to group related Files together in a single workspace.

If you're in a Professional Team or Organization, you have Advanced Project Permissions. This allows you to Create Private and View Only Projects.

If you are on a Student or Starter Team, your Project will be set to Can Edit. Team Members can access Projects based on their Team Permissions.

Learn more about Projects in our Projects in Figma article.

You can access all Projects within a Team from the Team Page. There are two places you can create a new Project from:

  • The + New Project link at the top of your list of Projects
  • The New Project button in the top-right corner of the Team Page

We will open a Create New Project window, where you can set up your Project.

  1. Give the Project a name:

  2. If you have a Professional Team, you can define what access your Team Members will have. Click the arrow next to Everyone at <Team> can edit.

    You can choose between:

    • Can Edit
    • Can View
    • Invite-Only

  3. Click Create Project to confirm.
  4. We will create a Project for you on the Team Page.
  5. Add a Description for your Project by clicking the Add a description link on the Project Page.
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