Transfer Ownership of a Project

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Plan
✅You can only create Projects in Teams
✅Only the current Project Owner can transfer ownership

When you create a Project, we will make you the Project Owner.

You can choose to transfer ownership of the Project to another collaborator on your Team. This will transfer the Project and any Files within it, to the new owner.

This is perfect if you are leaving a Team or Project, or want to put someone else in charge.

  • Only the current Project owner can transfer ownership of a Project.
  • You can only transfer ownership to someone who is a collaborator on that Project.

Note: You can also transfer ownership of an entire Team. This will transfer any Projects or Files you owned to the new Owner. Learn more about transferring a Team in our Change the Owner of a Team article.

Transfer Ownership of a Project

  1. Open the Project in the File Space.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Share button. This will open the sharing modal for that Project.
  3. Find the person you would like to transfer ownership to. You can only transfer ownership to someone who is an existing collaborator on that Project.
  4. Click the arrow next to the new Owner to adjust their permissions. Select Owner from the options:
  5. We'll prompt you to confirm the transfer. You can't undo this action. Click the Transfer ownership button to confirm.
  6. We will then:
    • Transfer ownership of the Project, and any Files, to the new owner.
    • We won't change the Project's location
    • We won't adjust your access permissions, or prevent you from viewing the Project.
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