View your Team Page

Who can use this feature?

✅Users in Starter, Student or Professional Plans
✅Any Team Member can access the Team Page

In an Organization? You will have different options available on the Team Page. Check out our View a Team Page in an Organization article.

You can manage every aspect of your Team from the Team Page. From Files and Projects, to Members and Billing.

To open your Team Page, click on your Team's name in the File Browser.

At the top of the page is a Toolbar. This allows you to switch to view an Overview of your Team, as well as access the Team Members and Settings views.

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Team Page Toolbar

The Toolbar sits at the top of the Team Page. You can access these toolbar settings from any of the Team Page tabs.

You can make some quick adjustments to the Team by clicking the arrow next to the Team Name.

Team Owners or Admins will be able to perform the following actions:

Team Editors and Viewers will only have the option to Leave Team.

Team Projects and Purpose

We've divided the Team Page into two sections:

  1. Files and Projects
  2. Team Information

Team Files and Projects

In the main section, you can browse the Files and Projects within that Team. We'll show a preview of the most recently edited Files. 

  1. Click the Project Name to View all Files in the Project Page
  2. View the Description of the Project
  3. Favorite or Unfavorite the Project
  4. See the total Number of Files within the Project
  5. Click on a File Preview to Open the File

Team Information

On the right, you can view your Team Name and Icon, as well as a short Description of your Team.

From this section you can:

  1. View your Team Name
  2. Change your Team Icon
  3. Add or Edit your Team Description
  4. View Members of your Team

Note: If you have a Student account, you will see a notification of that here. Any new Editors will be required to verify their student status.


The Members tab shows you a list of everyone who has a role in this Team. We'll show their:

  • Profile Picture
  • Name in Figma
  • Team Permissions

You can manage your Team members from this page. Check out our articles below for more information:

Team Settings

This page allows you to adjust some admin settings for your Team.

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