Comments allow you to quickly exchange ideas on designs with other team members. Comments are accessible to anyone with view or edit permissions to the file. 

Adding Comments

  1. Select the comment icon in the toolbar to activate the orange comment bubble
  2. Click to place your comment
  3. Type your comment and choose Post
  4. Click Escape on your keyboard to exit comment mode

You can even add emoji to your comments either by using the built-in emoji picker, or by typing the emoji out!

View existing comments

  1. Open any file and click the comment icon in the toolbar
  2. Existing comments will appear as grey bubble on the canvas

You can open each comment by selecting the bubble on the canvas or selecting them from the comment list to the right of the canvas.

When the comment dialogue window opens, you can drag the window around the canvas to to read the comment while viewing the overall design.

Editing and deleting comments

Edit or delete an existing comment by clicking the comment and selecting the three dot menu on the bottom right corner of the window.

Replying and resolving comments

To reply to comments, click an existing comment bubble and the comments will appear. Type your response and click Reply.

To resolve comments, simply click Resolve in the comment window. 

Comment list

While in comment mode, a list of the unresolved comments will appear on the right-side panel. 

Click any comment in the list to move directly to that comment.

Viewing resolved comments

To view comments that have previously been resolved, you can toggle on the option to Show Resolved Comments. 

You can also do this from inside the comment list. Resolved comments will be greyed out in a lighter shade of grey. 

Comment notifications

You have the option to receive email notifications when others comment on files. Just make sure you have selected the box for Receive email notifications in the comments list.

If you have a Slack account, then you can set up Comment notifications with Slack. This means that when anyone on your team comments on any file in a specific project, those Comments will be sent to the specific Slack channel you have designated for that project. Learn more about setting up and using Slack Comment notifications in our Figma & Slack article


If you want to call attention to a comment you can @mention another user by name or email address. This will notify them by email and in-app notification, as well as share access to the file if they haven’t been invited already.

How does it work?

Typing an @ symbol in a comment will reveal a dropdown menu of some users you can mention, you can then continue typing to search by name or email address.

  • The mentioned user will get an email with the Subject Line:
  •  [Inviter Name] has mentioned you in a comment on [File Name]
  • The mentioned user will also get an in-app notification.
  • If the user you mention does not already have access to the file, you will get a prompt and if you accept, they will get a file invite along with the notification.

Who can you mention?

  • When you’re in a team file, the list of people includes everyone on your team.
  • When you’re in a non-team file, the list of people includes everyone you “know” about in Figma (this is the same as the list available in the share dialog)
  • Users who are on the same team as you
  • Users who are on the same project as you
  • Users who have invited you to a file
  • Users who you have invited to a file
  • If a user wants to mention someone not available in the list, they must invite them through the Share dialog by email address first.


  • There currently isn’t a way to search or reveal your mentions across multiple documents.
  • Mentions don’t translate to Slack, so mentioning someone in a file won’t @mention that person in Slack, even if they have Slack connected to their Figma account.
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