Create an Instance of a Master Component

Who can use this feature?

đź”’Users on  StudentProfessional and Figma Organization Plans
👤Anyone with Can View permissions on the original Library File can use Components
👤Anyone with  Can Edit permissions can insert Components into a File

Components are UI elements that you can reuse across your designs.

The  Master Component defines the properties of the Component. The Instance is a copy of the Component you reuse in your designs. Learn more about Components in our Getting Started with Components article.

From a Component in Another File

đź”’Users on  StudentProfessional and Figma Organization Plans

The  Assets Panel in the left sidebar allows you to search for Components to add to your File(s).

You can find Components from any Libraries you have access to:

  • Libraries shared within a Team
  • Libraries shared across an Organization
  • Components from any Files you are a Viewer or Editor on

Click on the  Assets heading in the Layers Panel. Or, use the Keyboard Shortcut:

  • macOS: Option-2
  • Windows: Alt + 2

You can then use the  Assets tab to:

  1. Search for a Component from any Library you have access to
  2. Switch between Grid and List view
  3. Open the Team Library modal
  4. View Local Components created in the current File
  5. View Components Used in the File
  6. Explore Enabled Libraries

You can then drag any Component from the  Assets panel into the Canvas to create an Instance.

From a Component in the Current File

đź”’Users on  any Figma Plan

If you're working in the same File, you can also copy a Master Component to create an Instance. There are a few ways to do this.

Duplicate the Master Component

Create a duplicate of the Component.

  1. Select the Master Component.
  2. Duplicate it by using the Keyboard Shortcut:
    • MacOS: Command-D
    • Windows: Ctrl + D

Drag to Copy

Hold down the modifier key when dragging to create a Component Instance.

  1. Select the Master Component.
  2. Hold down the modifier key and drag the Component
    • MacOS: Option
    • Windows: Alt
  3. Release the mouse before releasing the modifier key. Otherwise, we will only move the Component.

Copy and Paste the Master Component

Make a copy of the Master Component and paste it into the Canvas. We will automatically create a Component Instance when you paste it.

  1. Select the Master Component.
  2. Copy the Component using the keyboard shortcut:
    • MacOS: Command-C
    • Windows: Ctrl + C
  3. Paste an Instance of the Component using the keyboard shortcut:
    • MacOS: Command-V
    • Windows: Ctrl + V
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