Detach Instances from the Master Component

Who can use this feature?

đź”’Users on  StudentProfessional and Figma Organization Plans
👤Anyone with Can View permissions on the original Library File can use Components
👤Anyone with Can Edit permissions can detach an Instance

You can detach an Instance from its Master Component. When you detach an Instance we will:

  • Remove the link to the original Master Component.
  • No longer apply any changes made to the Master Component, to the detached Instance.
  • Make the Instance into a regular Frame with the layers nested inside it.

This is great if you want to make changes to the Component that aren't supported by  Overrrides. Or, want to create a new Component from your changes, like a different state.

 There are a few ways to detach an Instance from the Component.

Note: Figma Organizations can track how often Instances are detached with Design System Analytics. Learn more in our Track Library and Component Usage with Design System Analytics article.

Instance Menu

  1. Select the Instance you wish to detach.
  2. Click on the Instance menu in the Properties Panel.
  3. Select Detach Instance:

Right-Click Menu

  1. Right-click on the Instance on the canvas or in the Layers Panel.
  2. Select Detach instance from the options:

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can quickly detach an Instancing using the Keyboard shortcut:

  • MacOS: Option-Command-B
  • Windows: Ctrl + B

Accidentally created a Component? You can turn this back into an Instance.

This allows you to keep the object(s) you created, without having to maintain a Master Component.

  1. Create an Instance of the new Component.
  2. Detach the Instance from the Component.
  3. Delete the Original Component.
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