Choose Default Libraries in an Organization

Who can use this feature?

🔒Users on the Figma Organization Plan
👤 Only Organization Admins can choose default Libraries

Default Libraries are libraries that we make available in every File. When you enable a default library, we will make:

  • Styles from that File available in the Properties Panel
  • Components from that File available in the Assets Panel

Organization Admins can choose which Libraries are available by default.

This is a great way to encourage adoption of your Organization's Design System.

Want to enable a Library in a specific File or Team? Check out our Enable and Disable Team Libraries.

Set Default Libraries in an Organization

  1. Go to the Organization page and click the Libraries tab. This will open the Admin Console  on the Libraries tab.
  2. Click the slider next to toggle the Library on:
  3. If the File isn't already published, we will prompt you to share the File with the Organization.

    Select Change Privacy and enable to allow any Members to access the Library: 
  4. We will add this Library to the Enabled Libraries section of any Files in your Organization.

Want to remove a File from your Organization? Check out our Remove Libraries from an Organization article.

Want to track how Libraries are being used in your Organization? Check out our Track Component Usage with Design System Analytics.

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