Share Files with your Organization

Who can use this feature?

🔒Users on the Figma Organization Plan
👤 Anyone with Edit access to the File can adjust the File's Link Sharing settings

You can choose which Files you want to share with your Organization.

You can control this via each File's Link Sharing settings.

  • In a Team, you can use Link Sharing to share Files with external collaborators.
  • In an Organization, Link Sharing determines how Organization members can discover Files.

Adjust Link Sharing

You can adjust the Link Sharing settings via the File's Sharing modal.

  1. Click the Share button in the File to open the Sharing modal.
  2. In an Organization, you can choose from the following Link Sharing options:
    • Allow Anyone with the link including outside of the Organization
    • Make this available to Anyone at Organization with the link
    • Make this available to Anyone at Organization
    • Remove Link Sharing by selecting Only people invited to this file

  3. You can then choose the permissions for Link Sharing. By default, this is set to Can View only. You can choose from:
    • Can View
    • Can Edit

  4. You can also prevent viewers from being able to copy or share the File's contents.
    1. Click the Edit icon in the bottom-right corner of the Share modal.
    2. Select Allow Viewers to copy and share to turn this setting off and on.

    Tip! If there is a check there, this setting is currently enabled.

In an Organization you can also choose to completely  disable Link Sharing. This will prevent anyone from outside your Organization from viewing your Files.

This is different from Link Sharing that is available on each File. To disable Link Sharing in your Organization, contact the Figma Support team.

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