Sharing Files and Projects

In Figma, you have a section for your personal files as well as sections for any teams you have created or been invited to. 

Sharing Personal Files

When you create a new file in your personal space it will appear in your Drafts. When you click the Share button inside the file, by default anyone with a link to that file will be able to view it. 

If a shareable link to that file is distributed via email, sms, or shared on social media, others will have view access to the file. 

Sharing Team Files

Owners, Admins, and Editors have the full ability to change files and projects including the file’s name, content, or permissions. They can also delete files. Read our " Permissions" article for additional information. 

Viewers can see the full design, view and add comments, duplicate the file to their personal drafts, and share files with other viewers. They cannot change the contents, rename, or delete the file.

Sometimes you don’t need everyone to have full access to your design files. To set your files to View Only:

  1. Open the file
  2. Click Share in the upper right
  3. Select Enable public access
  4. Change Can edit to Can view

Advanced Project Permissions (for Professional Teams only)

If you’re paying for a Professional Team in Figma you have access to Advanced Project Permissions. This allows for additional privacy on projects within a team. 

Why is this useful?

If a small group of people in a larger team want to iterate on some new design files in private, they can use an invite-only project for organization and/or component management without the rest of the team seeing the files before they are ready.

Or, the people maintaining the design system on a large team can put the files defining the design system components in a view-only project, so the other designers on their team can use the components but not have access to change them.

How does this work?

  1. Login to Figma
  2. Select your team name on the left side of the File Browser
  3. Select New Project
  4. Give your project a name and then open the dropdown menu

From the drop down menu you have a few options:

  • Can Edit is the default setting. All team editors can create/edit files in these projects and team viewers can view the projects and files in the project.
  • Can View projects are only viewable and commentable by team members who have been explicitly invited, even if they are already editors on the team.
  • Invite only projects are invisible to all other team members.

Anyone invited to a team as an editor can create a team project with the ability to set the permissions for the project accordingly. 

Projects can be transitioned between edit only, view only, and invite only by any project editor

How does this affect my Team Library?

Your  Team Library includes whatever components are in the projects that you have access to. 

  1. You can publish to the team library from a view-only project and everyone on the team will see (but not be able to edit) the components. 
  2. You can publish to the team library from an invite-only project and only the people with access to the invite-only project will see those components.

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