Image Adjustments

Sometimes you need to adjust the color of images you're using in your designs. Whereas blend modes affect layers, and can be used as a “workaround” in some situations, these image adjustments affect image fills specifically.

Adjusting image colors alters the image paints but it is not a destructive act. You can always come back and modify your images in the future. 

Adjust the colors of your images with the steps below: 

  1. Select your image (.jpg or .png) on the canvas
  2. Click the image swatch in the Properties Panel on the right side of the canvas

This will open up the image picker.

If you don't have an image on your canvas yet, you can:

  1. Use one of the shape tools to drag out a shape on your canvas
  2. Click the grey image swatch area under Fill in the properties panel
  3. Select Image from the drop down menu in the upper left corner of the image picker
  4. Click Choose Image to add an image from your computer to the shape you drew

In the image picker you'll see 7 options to choose from:

Adjust the brightness (overexposure) or darkness (underexposure).

Adjust the luminance, or the scale of difference between light and dark portions of your images.

Adjust the degree of intensity of the image colors. A low saturation will achieve a black and white image.

Adjust the axis between blues (cool) and red (hot) scale of the color wheel.

Adjust the axis between the green and magenta scale of the color wheel.

Adjust the brightness or darkness of already light areas in the image.

Adjust the brightness or darkness of already dark areas in the image.

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