Groups and Frames

Groups and Frames allow you to combine layers together so that they can be treated like a single layer.


By default, groups take on the combined dimensions of their children.

  • To make a group, select some layers and choose “Group” (⌘ + G).
  • The first time you click on a layer in this group, the entire group will be selected.
  • To select a single layer within this group, double-click the item, or choose it from the layers panel.
  • As the layers within a group are moved around, the bounds of the group will adjust to fit the layers within.
  • You can move things into and out of this group by dragging layers within the layers panel.
  • You are allowed to nest groups inside other groups.
  • To un-group, select the group and choose “Ungroup” (⇧ + ⌘ + G).


Sometimes, it is useful to have a layer whose size is explicitly set by you. These are called Frames.

  • To make a frame, choose the Frame Tool (F) and drag out an area of the screen.
  • To add layers to this group, just drag them in.
  • To remove layers from this group, just drag them out.
  • Selecting and moving items within a Frame works exactly the same way as groups.
  • To un-group, select the group and choose “Ungroup” (⇧ + ⌘ + G)

Frames are drawn directly on the canvas and we draw them in a special way to make them easier to see and work with.

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