Version History


Version History allows you to view earlier versions of a file and restore or duplicate any version. Versions are automatically saved when there have been no changes to the file for 30 minutes. 

This means that if you work continuously on a file for 3 hours and then stop editing, one version will be created after 30 minutes of inactivity. Your changes are automatically saved so if you close your tab, your version will still be saved.

Viewing Versions

To view a file’s Version History:

  1. Click a blank area of the Canvas to see the file name in the Toolbar
  2. Select the drop down icon to the right of the file name
  3. Choose Show Version History

Version History will replace the Properties Panel on the right side of the Canvas. You can see when the file was edited and who made the  changes. 

You can close the Version History view and return to the Properties Panel by pressing the blue Back to Editing button in the upper left corner of the Toolbar.

Selecting a specific version will show that design and reveal who made the changes. You can also click on the menu button (the icon with three dots) to: name, restore, or duplicate the version.

Naming or Adding a Version

You can name an existing version by viewing it and then selecting Name This Version from the menu dropdown.

You can also manually create a new version anytime by using the keyboard shortcut  Command + Option + S on Mac and Ctrl + Alt + S on Windows, or by selecting Save to Version History from the File Menu. 

When you name or save a version, you’ll be able to add a title and short description. You can add details to describe the changes you’ve made in this design iteration, or any other details that may be relevant, such as a milestone.

Duplicating Versions

Duplicating a version creates a new file which is an exact copy of the version without any of the version history, comments, or sharing permissions.

Restoring a Version

You can restore a file to a previous version by selecting Restore This Version from the dropdown menu next to the version. This will restore the file to that specific version and create a new autosave version in your history.

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