Trello and Figma

Power-Ups allow you to turn your Trello boards into living applications. By enabling the Figma Power-Up, you can add live embeds of your Figma files and prototypes as a way to communicate more effectively with designers, developers, and other stakeholders on your team.

First, anybody on your team can enable the Figma Power Up: 

  1. Select the correct board in your Trello team
  2. Click Show Menu in the upper right corner
  3. Choose Power-Ups
  4. Scroll to find Figma and select Enable

Now, when members of your Trello team open any new or existing card, on any board in the team, they will see Figma listed under Power-Ups in the card view. 

Adding Figma Files and Prototypes

First, you'll need to connect your Figma account to Trello. Click Figma under Power-Ups:

  1. Click to Connect Figma Account
  2. Then Allow Access

To add a Figma file or prototype as a live embed to a card:

  1. Select the Figma Power-Up on the right side of the card view
  2. Choose to attach a file or a prototype
  3. Make your selection from the list (there's also a convenient search menu)

You can add more than one Figma embed to a card. To view them all, click Show all Figma attachments. You can also add Figma file links in the description and as comments.

Navigating the Live Embed

If you're using a mouse or your laptop trackpad, you can click and drag to move around the live embed. You can pinch to zoom on your trackpad, and if you are using Apple's Magic Mouse, you can hold Command while dragging your index finger forwards and backwards on the mouse. 

If others are updating the file, you will see those changes reflected in real-time. 

Removing Figma files and Prototypes

Click Remove at the upper right corner of the attached Figma file and confirm that you want to remove the attachment. If you have more than one Figma file or prototype attached to a card, you will have an option to select which one to remove.

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