Problems with images in files

Here are some examples of commonly reported concerns regarding images, and some troubleshooting steps you can try.

"Images in my file are not appearing."

First, try refreshing the browser, or if you are using the desktop app, right click on the file tab and select Reload Tab.
If you have multiple Figma files open, right click on any tab and select Close Other Tabs. Sometimes closing unnecessary Figma files can help. 

"Images in my files look blurry."

We store images at multiple resolutions to help documents load faster. Try closing and re-opening the file in question. 

Due to hardware limitations, images are currently limited to a maximum of 4096 pixels on a side. Any image that is larger than 4096 pixels on one side will have its longest edge downsized to 4096 pixels with the rest of the image scaled proportionally.

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