My work is not saving

We take data loss issues very seriously. If you think you've experience data loss, please review this document to help us better understand the issue you've encountered. You can also contact our Support team by clicking the black question mark in the app, or by emailing

First, check for a little white circle next to the document title. 

If you see that circle, there  are changes that have not yet been saved. If you're offline, that circle will be present. If you are going in/out of connectivity, you may see that white dot appear.

If you are online, try opening the  same file in a different tab to check for missing content in the new tab. If all your work appears in the new file, it's safe to close the new tab.

However, if you  are missing changes when you open the file in a new tab, please follow the steps below:

  1. Leave the 2nd tab open and return to the original tab
  2. If you're on macOS use Shift + Command + S  to save your work locally as a .fig file. If you're on a Windows machine use Shift + Control + S 
  3. Click the menu icon and select Back to files to return to the File Browser
  4. Drag and drop your saved .fig file back into the file browser

Note: This .fig file is a duplicate of the original objects. When you import this file, you have a completely new document with its own version history. 

To preserve the original history, and especially if the original document had master components inside, please follow these additional steps as well. Once you see all your work in the imported file:

  1.  Go back to the first tab with the original file and refresh that tab (right click on the original tab and Reload Tab)
  2. Anything you're missing in original file/tab, you'll need to copy back in from the re-imported file
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