The Team Library allows you to share components across files and teams, as well as keep instances of components synchronized. This ensures that when the master component changes, all instances can easily be updated to reflect those changes.

It's important to remember that components live in the file in which they were created. Publishing components makes them accessible in other files. When you use a component from the team library in another file, you're creating an instance of that component in the file.

Components Tab

Inside any file, you'll see 2 tabs in the left sidebar: the Layers tab and the Components tab. You can quickly navigate between the 2 sidebar tabs using the Option + 1 (Layers) and Option + 2 (Components) keyboard shortcuts.

The Components Tab will show you:

  • Local components created in the file
  • Shared components used in the file
  • Components from enabled libraries

You can drag a component onto the canvas to insert it. Holding the Option key (or Alt for Windows) will allow you to drag a component over an instance to swap it.

Components arranged into groups and frames will be collapsed into different sections, making it easier to skim and browse through large libraries.

Searching in this tab will first show you results from the components above. But you can also choose to see results from the rest of the team library, which will be displayed inline.

Team Library

The Team Library is accessible from the top-right corner of the editor. The modal that appears will show all the published files across all your teams. 

The toggles can be used to enable or disable libraries. These settings are saved for the current file, and all users in that file will see the same libraries.

You can search for components across all libraries in this view. You can also drill down into a library file and drag components directly onto the canvas.

The current file will always show up at the top of the library list and you can publish components to the library from this modal.

The Instance Swapping Dropdown Menu

When you have a component instance selected, you’ll be able to use a dropdown menu in the properties panel to swap with any other component which appears in your components tab.

Publishing Components to the Team Library

Once you’ve created a Component in the file you’ll be able to publish it to the Team Library. You can do this by selecting Publish Components from the filename dropdown menu or clicking the Publish button in the Team Library modal.

This will bring up the Publishing modal where you can submit a description of what you’re publishing. The description will be available in the version history of the file after you’ve published.

You’ll also see a summary of all the components included in this library file. Expand the list to see a more detailed breakdown of what changed.

You can also right click on components and select Remove from library to disclude them from being published, or remove already published components from the library.

Once you’ve published, you’ll see a toast notification at the bottom of the page:

When you make changes to already published components or create additional components in the file, a blue dot will appear on the Team Library button to indicate there are changes available for you to publish.

You can then open the Publishing modal to review the changes before publishing them to the Team Library.

Removing Components from the Team Library

Besides the Publishing modal, you can also right click on components in the Components tab to remove them from the library.

Doing this will move the component to the Private to this file section of the panel. You can right click on the private components to add them back to the library.

Accepting changes to shared components

When changes are made to components in the team library, any file using an instance of that component will receive an update notification to Review or Dismiss

If multiple components have been updated there will be an option to Update individual components, or Update all. If you miss the notification to review component updates, you can review them later by opening the Updates tab in the Team Library modal.

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