Components are great, but as soon as they’re used across different files they become out-of-sync and need to be manually updated. As design requirements change and components become more complex, this quickly becomes problematic

With the Team Library we can share components across files and teams, as well as keep instances of components synchronized. This ensures that when the master component changes, all instances can easily be updated to reflect those changes.

It's important to remember that components live in the file in which they were created. Publishing components adds a copy of the component to the team library. When you use a component from the library in another file, you're using an instance of that component. 

Publishing the component file to your team library

Inside any file, you'll notice there are 3 tabs in the left sidebar: 

You can quickly navigate between the 3 sidebar tabs using the Option + 1 , Option +2 , and Option +3  keyboard shortcuts respectively.

Any components you create in a file will appear in the components tab. These are the local components in this file. 

The first time you publish components from a file you'll be prompted to Publish file to library.  

Once published, you'll see a visual notification that the component has been published to the library.

Additional components you create will have a blue, circular publish icon in the upper right corner indicating they are ready to be published. 

Each component you create in a file will appear ready to be published with the circular refresh icon in the upper right corner. 

If you are not ready to publish the component to the team library

Double-click the blue refresh icon in the corner of the component to Remove from library. This will place the component in the Private to this file section

When you're ready to publish the component click the + icon in the corner of the thumbnail and Add to library.

Selecting the Publish changes... button at the top of the components tab will bring up a window where you can review and Publish Changes. 

These components have now been added to the team library for others to use. 

How do I remove components from the team library?

From the components tab, you can:

  1. Select and delete individual components, or
  2. Choose the three dot menu to the right of Published in library and Remove file from library. This will remove all the components in this file from the library.

You can also drag and select individual components on the canvas and click the black "" icon on the component thumbnail to Remove from library.

When you remove a component from the team library two things happen:

  1. The component is relocated to a Private to this file section. You can always add this back to the team library by clicking the refresh icon and Add to team library.
  2. You need to Publish your deletion. 

In the image above the component "Go" has been removed from the library and moved to the Private to this file section. Now we need to publish this change so it's deleted from the team library.

Publishing multiple components in a file

From the layers or component tab you can drag + select, or use Shift + Select , to choose one or more components.

From the components tab, click the + icon to Add to library, then select the blue Publish button, confirm, and Publish Changes.

Making changes to existing components

When you make a change to a component that has already been published to the team library, you'll also see a white notification dot on the component tab. When you publish that change, the Publish Changes window will appear and you can review all changes made to any shared components in the file.

Once you Publish Changes all the changes listed will be published at once. No partial components are ever published. Should publishing fail (if your internet connection stalls during publishing, for instance), all the changes are canceled. 

This means it’s safe to make numerous changes to a set of icons (e.g. changing the stroke width or the accent color to all of them), with assurance that all of them, or none of them, will be published.

Adding descriptions to your component changes

When you make a change to an existing component in the team library, you can add a description in the Properties Panel. This is a great way to communicate changes, especially when the changes may be subtle. 

When the update notification appears for instances of this component in other files, team members can hover over the component to view the comment. 

Using shared components in other files

The team library tab is available in all files when you’re a member of a team. To find components to use click the team library tab and:

  1. Search for a component by name, or
  2. Select the team, and then the specific file where the component lives

Drag and drop instances of components from the team library tab onto your canvas.

Accepting changes to shared components

If changes are made to components in the team library, anyone using an instance of that component in another file will receive an update notification to Review or Dismiss. If multiple components have been updated there will be an option to Update individual components, or Update all

Grouping your components by type

If you have button components that you need to keep separate from icon components you can Group them on the canvas, name the groups in the layers panel, and when you publish them to the team library they will be grouped and labeled accordingly. If you prefer to use frames instead of groups, that works just as well.

Check out this video on our Team Library feature!

Be sure to check out our blog post about Team Library 1.0 as well. If you want a refresher on how components work, check out this short video

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