Adjusting the corner radius

A very common question we hear from users is, "How do I round corners?". You can use the corner radius feature on rectangles, stars, and polygons. 


  1. Use the R shortcut and click and drag out a rectangle on the canvas
  2. If you mouse over the rectangle, you'll see the [square] corner handles for the bounding box of the shape, and four (4) additional circular handles inside the shape. 
  3. Change the size of the shape with the outer handles
  4. Click and drag any of the inner handles to round all the corners

If you need to round a single corner, hold Alt/Option then drag an individual corner. When you do this, you'll notice a new section in the properties panel. 

You can manually set each corner radius here. Just like CSS, the order of input boxes starts from the top left and goes clockwise. These inputs are also "scrubbable". Hover over each, hold Alt/Option and use a 2 finger scroll on your trackpad, or scroll your finger across your Magic Mouse. 

At this time, it's not possible to round by percentages, but it is something that may be possible down the line.

When you drag the rounding handles back towards the outer bounds of the shape and release them, you'll notice a slight “bounce back” effect. This is by design. It ensures the rounding handle doesn’t interfere with the bounding box handles.  If you make the rectangle too small or zoom out, the corner rounding handles will vanish.

"Does the corner radius feature support nudges?"

Of course!

Dragging a corner handle will snap by the Small nudge amount, and holding the Shift key will use whatever Big nudge you have predefined.


With a star selected and moused over, you will see three (3) control handles inside the bounding box. 

These allow you to adjust:

  1. Count: the number of points on the star
  2. Rounding: how sharp or rounded you want each point to appear
  3. Radius: a percentage representation


With a polygon selected and moused over, you'll see two (2) control handles inside the bounding box that allow you which allow you to adjust:

  1. Count: the number of corners, or sides, to your polygon
  2. Corner radius: how sharp or rounded you want each point to appear

Smooth Corners

The Smooth Corners feature introduces a new way for users to control exactly how rounded corners look.  Rounded corners with smoothing applied start curving more gradually as the corner is approached.  In particular, by applying Smooth Corners on a rounded square, you can create a “Squircle” shape suitable for iOS 7+ icons.

After adjusting the corner radius of a shape to round the corners, you can click on the three-dots button next to this setting to open up the Corner Smoothing slider. Clicking on iOS will set the smoothing value to match Apple’s iOS 7+ “Squircles” but you can also slide the value up and down to adjust the amount of smoothing.

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