"Can I use Figma when I'm offline?"

In addition to using Figma in your browser, we do have a desktop app for both macOS and Windows. You can download them here.

While we don’t offer a full offline experience at this time, any files you currently have open in the desktop app can be edited while you're offline. When you're back online the changes you made should sync. However, you won't be able to import any files if you are not currently online.

Here's what we suggest:

  1. Open the files you need to work on in the Figma desktop app before you go offline.
  2. When you're done working (but still offline), go to the menu icon and File > Save your work as a .fig file locally.

3. When you reconnect to WiFi, your files should sync with no issues. 

However, if there is an issue and your work doesn't appear to be syncing, you can always drag and drop the .fig file you saved into your file browser. 

What if my WiFi connection is spotty?

If at any point you are offline, or if you're WiFi connection is spotty, you will see a small white dot to the left of your file name in the toolbar.

When you re-connect to WiFi, the dot will go away and any changes you made will be synced. 

As an added precaution, you can always save your work locally as a .fig file as outlined above and you will have a local file to drag back into Figma if needed. 

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