Figma is all about collaboration! What better place to collaborate than in the classroom. Figma is free for both students and educators affiliated with an accredited institution*.

Creating your account

First, create a Figma account if you do not already have one. Read Creating & Managing Your Account for help getting started. 

If you previously created a Figma account that is not associated with your school, and you would like to update the email address on your account, you can do so in your Account Settings. This is completely optional. 

In order to make your account a free account, visit this education form and enter in your school information. Please make sure the email address you enter on this form is your school email address, regardless of the email address you actually used to create your Figma account.

Once you have submitted the application you will:

  1. Receive an application status via email,  
  2. Be prompted to confirm that email address, and 
  3. Be directed back to Figma

Congratulations! Your account is now a free, student account. 

Creating your team

Now that you've confirmed your education status, you can create a team from the left side navigation of the File Browser

Once your team is created, you can either:

  1.  Select the green box to Upgrade Team. You can also upgrade from inside the Admin Dashboard.

On the Choose a payment plan page, click Choose student plan.

Once the team is upgraded to the student plan you will have access to all the features of a Professional Team. Read more about those features on our Pricing Page, and our Pricing FAQ.

Anyone you invite to this team with edit level permissions, will be prompted to verify their student status before being added to the team.

If you are new to Figma, please check out our tutorial videos on Youtube to help you get started. Also, be sure to check out this blog post on how Figma is being used in the classroom.

If you have any additional questions, please email We're happy to help. 

*Figma users who are enrolled in non-accredited programs, such as for-profit schools, bootcamps, code academies, and other continuing education institutions, are not eligible for free education accounts at this time. However, Figma is still free for individual users. 

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