Figma is free for individual users, but collaborating within a team is where things get really exciting! Check out our Pricing Page, as well as our Pricing FAQ to learn more about specific team-level features. 

Create Your Personal Account

First, you'll want to create your personal Figma account. Creating and Managing Your Account will help you get started. 

What Type of Team Works Best for Me?

Think about the type of team you'll need. You have two (2) options:

  1.  A free Starter Team, or
  2. A Professional Team

Starter Team

This option allows you to have one (1) additional editor (someone with full edit access to your files), unlimited viewers, and up to three (3) projects. This option is great for a small team, or for an individual user (perhaps you're a freelancer) who may need to use projects as a way to organize files based on their clients. There are some additional features which you can read about here.  

Professional Team

At this level, you'll be paying $12/editor/month (if you pay annually), or $15/editor/month (if you decide to pay month-to-month). Unlimited projects, unlimited version history, and the ability to share components with your colleagues using our Team Library feature are a few features you'll have access to at this level. You can read more about this plan here

Creating Your Team

Now that you're ready to create your team, watch this quick video to get an overview of managing your team. 

To create your team:

  1. Login to your Figma account
  2. From the File Browser, click New team in the lower left corner
  3. Give your team a name and Create Team

Since you've done your research, now you can choose between a Starter Team or Professional Team. You'll need to pick an option to move forward, but don't worry, you can always update this later. 

If you Upgrade to Professional you'll need to choose a billing option. If the Starter Team works for you, click to Get started for free.

Navigating your Team Page

Congratulations! Now that you have created your team you should be here:

This is your Team page, and you can access it by selecting your team name in the left side navigation. 

You can do a lot on this page, so if you haven't yet watched our Managing Your Team video, now's a great time!  

Your team page is composed of a few key sections:

  1. Team Members
  2. Team Projects
  3. Admin Dashboard
  4. Team Settings

Inviting Team Members

Click Invite a team member to start bringing your team over into Figma.

There's no better time than now to familiarize yourself with how Permissions work in Figma. Remember, if you opted for the Starter Team, you can only have one (1) additional editor on your team—choose wisely. If you chose to go the Professional Team route, you will be billed for every editor on your team (viewers are free). 

Create A Project

When you select Create a project, you'll be prompted to give your project a name. Click Enter and you'll notice a few things quickly happen. 

  1. You have successfully created a project
  2. You are inside that project with the option to create a + New File
  3. Your newly created project has been "starred" and appears in the left side navigation under your team name

Click on your team name on the left and you'll be back to your team space. You can "unstar" projects so they appear/disappear from the left side navigation. 

Please note that you can only create projects within teams. You can create your own personal Figma files and they will appear in the Drafts section in your Personal space, but you can't create projects unless you are inside of a team. 

Admin Dashboard

In the upper right corner of your team page is a link to the Admin Dashboard

This is where you can manage the editors on your account, as well as upgrade or downgrade your team.

Visit our Payments and Billing section for additional information regarding invoicing, billing cycles, adding additional editors, cancelling your Figma account, and refunds.

Team Settings

If you skipped this section when you initially set up your Figma account, you can always come back here to enable Slack OAuth. 

Transferring Ownership of your Team:

Stuff happens. If you need to transfer ownership of your team to another team member, you can do so from your team page. 

If you are the owner of the team

To change ownership, you can go to the person you want to grant this to, select the chevron to the right of your permissions and choose the option owner.

If you are not the owner of the team

Please contact the owner to discuss transferring ownership. If this is not possible (perhaps the original team owner is no longer with the company), contact support by clicking on the ? in the bottom-right of the Figma application.

Deleting Your Team

We'd hate to see you go, but if you need to delete your team here here's how you can do that:

  1. Click your team name in the left side navigation
  2. Select the dropdown icon to the right of each member on the team and Remove them
  3.  Once everyone has been removed from the team, click the dropdown icon to the right of the team name and you can Leave Team

One you have left the team, the team will be deleted.

Again, don't forget to check out this video on Managing Your Team!

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