Each member of a team needs to have their own personal Figma account. Check out our article on Creating and Managing Your Account to get started. If you need to create a team, visit Creating and Managing Your Team.

Enable Slack OAuth allows all the members of an existing Slack team to access a newly created Figma Team. 

Once the Slack integration is set up, you can configure Figma to notify specific Slack channels when Comments are left on project files in the Figma team.

To enable notifications:

  1. Select a Project inside the Team
  2. Click the bell icon in the upper right corner
  3. Choose the proper Slack channel to notify when changes are made to files in this project

Slack notifications are on a per/project feature, and only apply to comments left by others in the file. When team member add comments to the file, those comments will appear in the Slack channel. You can then open the file in Figma and reply to the comments. 

Check out our article on Comments for additional details.

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