The following font features are enabled by default:

  • Kerning (kern)
  • Ligatures (liga, clig, rlig)
  • Contextual Alternates (calt, rclt)
  • ccmp, curs, locl, mark, mkmk

In the Advanced Type panel, you can enable the following additional font features:

  • Discretionary and Historical Ligatures (dlig, hlig)
  • Stacked Fracations (frac)
  • All Small Caps (smcp, c2sc)
  • Subscript (subs)
  • Superscript (sups)

You can also control the numeric spacing and figure:

  • Proportional Lining (pnum, lnum)
  • Tabular Lining (tnum, lnum)
  • Proportional Oldstyle (pnum, onum)
  • Tabular Oldstyle (tnum, onum)

If the font does not support a particular OpenType feature, the setting will have no effect.

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